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Welcome to Super Mummy's page!

Becoming a parent is one of the most incredible journeys a person can undergo.

My aim is to support the woman and her family during this journey, before and after the baby is born, helping making this the best time of their lives.

Being prepared and getting the right help plays a very important part in giving you family an excellent start.


                                                        Breastfeeding classes and workshops

If you are looking for a flexible and personalized approach, then I might just have what you are looking for! I provide pregnant women and their families with reliable, scientific and practical information while fulfilling their particular needs. Workshops are run in small groups on a regular basis. The group dynamics promote discussion and everybody can learn from each others experience. The 1-to1 classes are suitable for women that can't travel or that have very specific needs that can't be catered in a group setting.


With every class a comprehensive information pack is provided and I will always be available on the phone or by email to answer any queries or just for a little support.


Lactation Consultations

Breastfeeding is beautiful and natural, but mums and babies sometimes need a little help. As a Registered Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) I can provide you the highest quality breastfeeding support. After a thorough assessment I will diagnose the problem and help you to implement a treatment plan so you can enjoy your breastfeeding journey to the fullest. Follow up will be done by phone or email until the issue is resolved.


Baby Massage Classes

 Baby Massage is a world known technique that has countless benefits for mum and baby that range from relief of digestive problems, to improved sleeping patterns and even prevention/treatment of postnatal depression. Baby massage is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your new baby. 


Services are provided at Super Mummy's studio in Kilkenny. They can also be provided in the clients home, if in Kilkenny city, for no added charge. Further locations will have an added dislocation fee proportional to the distance. All fees can be covered by private health insurance.