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Antenatal Classes 

Super Mummy provides antenatal classes on a one-to-one basis. Classes are designed for expectant mums to be as comfortable as possible, in a very informal setting, and may include your partner and/or anyone else that is a source of support for you. At booking, a detailed history of your situation and expectations is taken and this allows do design a class individually tailored to meet your needs, while covering a vast range of “must know” topics like:

Body changes in pregnancy and how to deal with them

Development of the unborn baby

Exercise and nutrition in pregnancy

Getting ready for the big day

Labour: signs and symptoms

When to go to hospital

Stages of labour

Coping with labour: breathing technics, massage and positioning

Pharmacological and non-pharmacological pain relief

Induction of labour

Different types of birth

What to expect in hospital

The newborn: caring and feeding

Bringing your baby home

Looking after yourself

                                                                          The baby is here. Now what?

The class can be booked for any time and day of your preference (any day including weekends from 9am to 9pm) that is available. Early booking recommended.

The antenatal classes can be provided in one 4hour session (usually after 30 weeks gestation) or in two 3hour sessions.

Splitting the antenatal class in 2 occasions (3hour sessions) allows more time to explore any specific areas such as breastfeeding or labour. The 1st session would happen in the 2nd trimester focusing more on the pregnancy and the baby, and the 2nd session would happen in the 3rd trimester with focus on the birth.

Refresher Class


Maybe you had your baby a long time ago or maybe you just you just don’t remember!

Either way things are always changing and you are right to look for some help and advice.

For this class I will be revisiting the same topics as in a regular antenatal class but focusing more on your concerns and leaving out any topic you feel you don’t need. This will run over  a 2 hour session.



Breastfeeding Class

Research as consistently shown that breastfeeding success rates are significantly higher among women that attended breastfeeding classes.

If you wish to breastfeed I can help you to be prepared by providing you solid and practical information. During a 2h session I will be using different teaching aids such as DVD, doll and breastfeeding pillow to demonstrate how to hold the baby and the different positions you can use to breastfeed.  

Other topics to be covered include:

Feeding in the early days

How milk supply works

How to latch the baby

How to tell if the baby is getting enough

What to eat (and drink) when breastfeeding

How to avoid problems and deal with them

Expressing and storing breast milk

Feeding in public


An informational package will be provided so you call recall all the information at a later stage. I will also be available for any queries by phone or email.


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