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Anabela Almeida


Becoming a parent is one of the most incredible journeys a person can undergo. How can we help you in your journey?

Our aim is to support you and your family during this journey, before and after the baby is born, helping making this the best time of your lives.

Being prepared and getting the right help plays a very important part in giving your family an excellent start.

In order to provide the best possible services Anabela underwent further learning in the areas of Infant and Maternal Mental Health, Counseling skills, Holistic Therapies, Holistic Sleep Coaching and Baby Wearing, and we use these as needed for all client interactions. We believe the success of our interventions and the satisfaction that the families feel, comes from our holistic approach to the issues they were experiencing. 

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Infant Feeding Support

Are you having issues feeding your baby? Wether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding you can avail of the expertise of a lactation Consultant for a full assessment and professional guidance.


Infant Feeding Classes

Are you pregnant and want to learn about breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding? After a class with a Lactation Consultant you will have all your questions answered and will feel confident feeding your baby once he arrives.


Baby Massage Classes

Held in Kilkenny city, Baby Massage Classes provide an excellent opportunity to meet other new mums and learn a valuable parenting skill. Great for babies with colic, reflux and sleep issues.


Groovy Baby Classes

These exciting new classes combine gentle movement for new parents with the countless benefits of baby wearing. COMING SOON!!!