Baby Massage Classes

Group Classes in Kilkenny City

Meet other local new mums and learn a valuable parenting skill, all in one place. Super Mummy Baby Massage Classes have been one of the most popular activities for new mums since 2013.

Infant Massage exists since the beginning of times. There are records of rituals of touching and massaging babies for thousands of years in several cultures. In 1976 Vimala McClure, an American yoga instructor, developed a baby massage routine based on her research and experience with her own children. This routine includes principles and techniques from Indian massage, Swedish massage, reflexology and yoga.  In 1992 Vimala founded the International Association of Infant Massage.

 “The purpose of the International Association of Infant Massage is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community”

In 2000 the Irish branch of IAIM was founded. Baby Massage Ireland (BMI) was created to support and develop baby massage in Ireland. I am a fully Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) trained by BMI since 2012.

I was also awarded a CIMT (Certified Infant Massage Teacher) title by the LiddleKidz Foundation, which certifies me to teach infant massage

to parents with premature babies and children up to 3 years with special needs such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Paralysis and/or any other type for health condition. Children with special needs are very welcome to the group classes or may opt for private classes.

A full course consists of a 5 consecutive week’s term.

Classes include:

Private classes also available for specific cases such as special needs baby or severe colic

Baby Massage has many benefits for the baby

Interaction: promotion of bonding, verbal/non-verbal communication, undivided attention, feeling respected, using of all senses, love, tolerance, early contact with both parents, empathy, imitation

Stimulation of: circulatory system, digestive system, hormonal system, immune system, lymphatic system, nervous system, respiratory system, vestibular system (coordination and balance), improved learning ability, muscular development and tone, growth, elimination, connections between neurons, body awareness

Helps with relief of: gas and colic, constipation and elimination, abdominal cramps, excess mucus, growing pains, muscular tension, teething discomfort, disorganization of the nervous system, physical/psychological tension, softening of the skin

Relaxation demonstrated by: improved sleep patterns, normalized muscle tone, increased flexibility, improved coping mechanisms, regulation of behavioural states, being calm, ability to calm oneself, reduction of stress levels/stress hormones, higher levels of anti-stress hormones, less hypersensitivity, less hyperactivity.

Parents also reap the benefits of baby massage. Some of them include: better understanding of their baby, increased ability to understand and respond  to baby’s cues, improved self-esteem and confidence, positive activity, early involvement for the father, a chance to discover the baby’s uniqueness, quality time, decrease of stress hormones, higher levels of relaxing hormones, improved sleep, stimulates lactation, decreases postnatal depression, meeting other parents

The special Colic Relief Routine was created to help parents and babies that suffer from colic. It is still not known what causes colic but it appear to be related to abdominal discomfort and immaturity of the nervous system. Colic is a source of tremendous stress for parents, and the Colic Relief Routine can be an excellent tool with proven results with many families.

Fees redeemable against all Healthcare Insurances up to a max of 100€

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